Play, explore, make mistakes – it’s okay!

Play, explore, make mistakes – it’s okay!

Scrolling through the BBC website this morning, I came across some graphic design which grabbed my eye and made me smile.

To celebrate 100 years of the Bauhaus movement – a cornerstone of modern design – the collaboration online platform 99designs asked its members to re-imagine some of the worlds’ best known brand logos in the iconic style of the Bauhaus, with very clever results.

Bauhaus has always captured my imagination and seeing this made me wonder whether I could Bauhaus the Artichoke so gave it a go!

I came up with a couple of variants on a design pretty quickly that I quite liked and asked the lovely people in this office which they preferred.They made some comments, some of which I agreed with, so tried another alternative.I looked at the options again, compared them to the actual logo and made a further variant.

Although I felt that I was being a little bit naughty, playing about with frivolous designs, while the rest of the office worked hard, it occurred to me that there were a lot of parallels between this and the general office ethos.

We love design – it inspires us.

We play, we explore, we discuss.

We try new things; they might work, they might not.

We repeat; the design evolves.

That’s design(-ing) – that’s what we do!

We don’t always agree of course, my favourite is #4, Adrian and Gabrio liked #3.

Which is your favourite?!

This was just for fun and I could VERY easily have spent the rest of the day playing around with little green triangles and I would almost certainly have found a better design.Just like evolution – the longer you give it – the better it gets but just like a project with a budget – there’s a sweet spot!

Here's the original BBC article -

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