The new norm....

The new norm....

The new norm….

Today we prepared the house for ‘the new norm’ for the next few months and it made me appreciate how many different buildings I use during a normal week, or even during a day.

My house has now become… an office for two people, a school, a nursery, a library, a home gym … and somewhere in amongst all of that –a home! I normally use pubs, restaurants, gymnasiums, museums, science centres, libraries, the list goes on. Our world has shrunk very rapidly and I am now appreciating the huge range of different types of buildings (and uses) that made up my world of old.

It made me wonder – at the end of these insane Covid-19-times – how many people will think about their home a bit more, what works well, what doesn’t and maybe invest some time (and money if necessary) investigating how it could become a better and more pleasant place for their family to be.

As the entire family is home together in one space trying to use the house for so many different functions at the same time - this might be any, or a combination of 3 things;

  • Re-organise (furniture or functions) within the spaces;
  • Re-organise (the internal layout) within house; or,
  • Enlarge the house externally.

How many people will move house to get a garden for example after realising how much they really, really need one? How many people would really appreciate the ability to separate their home and working time?

We wish you the best of luck re-arranging your world as we are re-arranging ours!

Remember - we are open, we are working, and so is the local planning authority…….

If your home isn’t working for you as your world shrinks -talk to us, we might be able to help you fix it and make it a better place for your family to live and grow.

Michelle Purnell – 23 March 2020

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