We wanted to let you know we are open and still actively working on projects even in these difficult times....... but the following things may impact upon your project.


We are still happy to carry out surveys for your project however to do this we ask the following:

  • If you or your family are self-isolating, we cannot survey your property, we will however book you in for a later date.
  • Our surveyors will ask to wash their hands prior to the survey and once they finish (and will bring their own towel), please allow them to do this.
  • They will bring with them and be wearing latex gloves during the survey, please don’t take offence at this.
  • Please be aware that our surveys may cancelled at the last minute if anyone in the office presents symptoms and measures are taken in accordance with the Public Health England guidelines.We have no wish to put anyone at risk.
  • When our surveyors are surveying, we ask you please allow them to do so without / limited contact with yourself and your family.We are not being unfriendly; we just want to limit possible contact and the duration of the survey.


From now on we will be conducting where possible meetings preferably via Skype or in the open air.If your or your family are self-isolating, then obviously we won’t meet with you in person.We reserve the right to cancel meetings at the last minute if anyone in our office presents with symptoms and measures are taken in accordance with the Public Health England guidelines.

Project progress:

We have put in place system that should it be required will allow all of us to work from home to work on your lovely projects so things will keep moving and of course you are all going to have much more time to discuss details, elements of the design and make decisions for us.But please bear with us as projects may slow as everyone has lots of free-thinking time and want us to work on their schemes and responses from councils etc may be delayed.As and when the schools close you may find we operate some random hours.We are also anticipating that the local governments and their existing slow processes will slow down further.

Overall, the message is we are still here, keep talking to us and bear with us as the world is an unfamiliar and busy place at present.