About Artichoke (and the Bin…)

We love design! We like being given the opportunity to consider the problems and to come up with ideas, which will be both functional and beautiful.

At artichoke, we believe that trust is probably the most essential parts of any relationship. Aside from the obvious mission to create beautiful things that fix a problem our basic business mission is to do a good job at a fair price and that the rest will (with some help from the team) take care of its self.

As you may see if you've read about the team, we're all good at different things here. This works incredibly well as we will always be looking over each other's shoulders and chipping in with comments, which consider different viewpoints and results in a much better design than with just one persons' creativity and experience.

Our approach to design is neither to do as we think is best nor to do what our clients think is best but to explore a range of alternatives (sometimes radical), so that our clients can (with our advice) guide the project and design towards what will ultimately suit them the best. The key ingredients here are to look at the site and its surroundings and to listen and understand what the client needs and how they are likely to get the most value out of the building in the future.

The term value is of course very broad but it is critical to understand whether the client sees the project as a financial development or as a personal development or as in most cases, somewhere in between.

Although each of the team have their own design & stylistic preferences, as a practice we understand that our role is not to try and push any of our ideals; proportion, rhythm, scale, colour and texture apply whatever style you want to achieve. It is always a huge balancing act trying to avoid 'trends' in architecture, so our aim is always to try and design with how the building may be viewed in years to come.


Don’t fear the old and wonky! A historic building can often add value to your project rather than tying your hands. The important thing is to understand what makes it special and how to deal with it with the level of care and respect that it deserves. We can help you with realising the potential of your building or site, guiding you through the black art of dealing with historic buildings.

In addition to designing conversions, extensions and refurbishments to historic buildings we can offer the following services:

  • Advice when purchasing a Listed Building
  • Listed Building and Scheduled Ancient Monument applications
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Assistance discharging Listed Building Conditions
  • Method statements and detailed drawing packages for historic buildings

We aim to do this in an approachable, professional and friendly manner, to help you understand and be inspired, rather than be intimidated, by the process.

and the bin…

You're probably wondering what the bin is all about. Because we all live in such a 'perfect world' in most cases we think everything we do and are should be perfect all of the time. Because of this it's ingrained into us that we shouldn't make mistakes. Well, we think mistakes are okay. In fact, we think that if you're trying different ways to solve a problem, it's inevitable that once you have the best solution all the others will end up in the bin. The fuller your bin, the better the best solution is likely to be. The less afraid you are of making mistakes, the greater your creativity can be and we love creativity, So We love the bin!

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