Contemporary Extension - Windsor

We engaged Chris to design a rear extension for our Victorian semi in Windsor.

He encouraged us from the outset to consider a more contemporary look, and although we were hesitant at first, when he showed us some images on Pinterest of some old buildings with new additions we were happy to go in that direction. The finished look is even better than we had thought it would be based on the designs, and we are really glad we had faith in Chris’s ideas. Right from the beginning, he helped to make the process very straightforward, and was very clear about how things would work at every stage. We would definitely recommend any of our friends who needed an architect to talk to Chris first.

Mr & Mrs Daley

Contemporary Extension - Windsor

Extensive Heritage Refurbishment - Windsor

Artichoke were great.

Our house is full of character, and while the layout worked really well on the outside on the inside it was a dark, awkward house that didn’t flow. We wanted to find a way to make it bright and airy while not losing the essence that had made us chose the house in the first place. We also had some tricky practical constraints which we needed to solve to make the house really work, and we couldn’t see how to find a way through. Looking back now, we would never have thought of some of their ideas and creative solutions, which in the end have made the house bright and airy, creating spaces we did not think were possible. Chris & Gabrio were both great, they came with fresh options, new suggestions, and crucially an attention to detail, patience and consideration of the character of the house which was meticulous.

Once we had reached a strong design, we knew we needed help to make it reality, and at that point Adrian took over the project. He managed the tendering, appointing and delivery of the project with the contractors. We were impressed by his professionalism, and diligent approach, with regular updates and active management. He made sure all aspects of the project were running smoothly and effectively, this was invaluable and worked incredibly well, especially given we were in another country for almost the entire time of the build.

When we first started out, we had considered just getting a design service and then appointing another contractor for the build and project management, but we found the added value of Artichoke overseeing the entire project was extremely worthwhile. Having now been through the project we would certainly take the same approach again.

A huge thank you to all the team at Artichoke!

Mr & Mrs K, St Leonards Hill, Windsor

Extensions and replan – Ascot

Artichoke had done a fabulous job on my dad’s house, so it didn’t make any sense not to go to them when I needed an architect. Dad’s was completely different as it’s a period design, whereas although Lilac Cottage is a period house, we wanted something much more cutting edge inside and for the extension. I already had some ideas and Chris made sure they were woven seamlessly into our new designs and we’re absolutely delighted with the way it all turned out. I’ve continued the family tradition and passed Artichoke’s details on to friends that needed an architect.

West Gillet

Extension & remodelling - Maidenhead

Artichoke were recommended by a friend of ours as being a practice that could help narrow down what we wanted as we had such a huge array of possibilities. Although we didn’t know exactly what would suit us when we started we put our faith in Chris & the team, who helped us find what scale and design of project we actually wanted - it wasn’t until we’d seen all their sketched designs that we could decide! We had been considering moving out as we couldn’t see how it might be improved but now we’re completely in love with it as the house and the way we use it has changed so dramatically.

Mr H, Ms D & Family

New Residence - Ascot

Chris helped us completely remodel the old cottage (in the end we only left two walls standing) and then designed our new house next door. There were lots of things we weren't sure about and he had to do lots of negotiating with the local authority. Although they wouldn't let us have what we initially wanted, we were delighted with the outcome. We are now just about to embark on our third project and are looking forward to working with Chris and his enthusiasm!

The Spokes Family

New Residence - Ascot

Extension and remodelling - Slough

We didn’t need a big extension but wanted to change the layout inside our house to be more open plan and open out onto the garden. Chris came up with a brilliant layout and design, which even made use of the tight corners really well as our site is like a triangle. We can’t sing Chris’s praises enough, he’s a lovely chap with great ideas and we pass his details out whenever anyone we know is thinking of extending or doing any building work.

Mr & Mrs Skill

Extension and remodelling - Maidenhead

We wanted to create some extra space over the garage for two new ensuite bathrooms. I’ve no idea how Chris came up with these designs as the floor levels and head heights were so awkward but they by far exceed what we had anticipated. There are even some great features we hadn’t thought of that he came up with. As the new bathrooms were in a roof space we had big worries about what they would feel like and how they would even work but Chris came out to site whenever we were worried and made sure that we understood and were happy with the build as it progressed. Thank you Chris!

The Matthews Family

Extension and remodelling - Maidenhead

New Residence – Finchampstead

We called a number of architects, including Artichoke as we knew that had been doing a few projects locally. Although we already had a basic design before we approached Chris, there were several problems that needed resolving (bats, how our building affected the neighbour etc). I guess Chris and his team probably did what you would expect of most architects, in terms of working with us to put together detailed drawings and information so that we could get accurate prices from builders to compare but he also took the design that we had and worked with us really closely and significantly improved both the way it worked but also the way it looked. It was a long old project, so we’re not planning on doing it again any time soon, but if we did, we’d definitely give Chris a call.

Mr & Mrs C & Family

Riverside extension, Bray

Chris was recommended to us by Ron Wilson of Maidenhead builders Farr and Roberts.
We wanted something very special to replace the tired and leaking conservatory which we inherited when we bought our dream bungalow by the river.

Chris was instrumental in coming up with some great ideas and helped guide us to the preferred solution. The ultimate design matched the style of the house perfectly and resulted in virtually unbroken views of the river which was one of our main objectives.

We would thoroughly recommend Chris to any of our friends and contacts – indeed we already have!
His engaging style allied to his patience with us and his knowledge and experience shown right through the project was exactly what we needed resulting in exceeding our expectations.
We are now thoroughly enjoying quality time in the new addition to our house.

Mr & Mrs Ross Wilson, Bray

Riverside extension, Bray

Single storey side and dormer loft extension and conversion, Windsor

We actually went with another architect over Chris initially but when the designs weren’t doing what we wanted them to, our builder suggested Chris was good for ‘the more creative’ jobs.

He was right, we had never thought of doing what Chris came up with and we think it’s brilliant. The neighbours have even complimented us on how it all looks like part of the original house!

We had a lot of problems getting planning permission because we are in the flood plain but again, Chris came up with a way of getting round that so that we got exactly what we wanted!’

The Pollard family, Windsor

Single storey side and dormer loft extension and conversion, Windsor